Housing in developing countries is a big problem.  Nobody should live in a shed and should have the right to live in a safe healthy house.

So we understand this post can provoke some negative reactions.

However, the impact of ultra-cheap housing will further promote deforestation.  Especially in poor countries situated in (sub)tropical regions. Non-profit organisations and governments will embrace this technology to provide good affordable housing to the population.
Of course, they will do this with the best of intentions.

Here is a video that recently went viral:

It is a bit in the same analogy of building a cheap fossil fuel cars, which some Asian manufacturers want to do.  Yes, you give people the mobility, but it is devastating for the environment.

Indeed I have it easy typing this blog post from the comforts of my living room.  I agree, but what I’m advocating is that there are better solutions.  Good is the enemy of great.  We have to rethink how we have done things in the past.

Of course, we are biassed.
But we strongly believe in a sustainable co-living in symbiosis with nature.

What do you think is a more compelling future?
A) Visiting Africa and seeing rows and rows of these uniform printed concrete houses?
B) Visiting Africa full of Baobab trees where people are living in beautiful 3D printed Treehouses?

We know which future we want!