Microsoft has built 3 treehouses for its employees. 

A treehouse brings a bit of magic in everyday life, but there are also sound business arguments to invest in a treehouse.

Being in nature boosts creativity.  People are less stressed and are less likely to burn out.  The happier the employees, the better the company will do. 

Hmmm, would the recent surge in stock price of Microsoft have anything to do with the treehouse.  Maybe 😉

So why are not more companies investing in treehouses? 

There is a catch. The cost of these large scale quality treehouses is a hurdle for more companies to build these kinds of sanctuaries for their employees.  Treehouses are still manual labour that requires a lot of craftsmanship. 

At 3D treehouse, it is our aim to seriously reduce the labour costs involved with building large treehouses so more people around the world can experience the benefits of working in a treehouse.

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Pictures from Microsoft.